Stop Child Labour

What you can do

As a consumer

As a consumer you have a powerful voice. Companies do not want to be associated with child labour and are sensitive to bad publicity and consumer campaigns. Many products have been made with child labour. This is not always easy to trace, but we can try to pay as much attention as possible and take this into consideration when buying articles.

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As long as there is a market for products made by children it is difficult to eliminate child labour. As a consumer, you can help right here in Europe to protect and expand the Child Labour Free Zones. For instance, by making sure that what you buy has not been made by children. If you are not sure where a product comes from or how it was produced, just ask! The more people working against child labour, the more Child Labour Free Zones will be created worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no common label to indicate that a product is "guaranteed as not having been made with child labour". However, there are organisations that work towards introducing this label in cooperation with business, such as those in the food and clothing sectors.

For information about ‘clean’ clothes, see the Schone Kleren campaign, which is taking action to help improve working conditions in the clothing industry. Other good initiatives in the clothing sector are FairWear and Made-By , which make sure that companies and their suppliers comply with the agreements made on working conditions and sustainability and help them with improvements.

For information about fair food, see FairFood , an organisation that campaigns and lobbies for the food industry to make its products sustainable.

Would you like to know more about your favourite brands? Go to Rank a Brand , a site that lets you compare how transparent, green and fair your favourite brands are. This information allows you to choose brands that demonstrate that they are concerned about fair working conditions.

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